The Rose Founders Building is located on the HealthONE Rose Medical Center Campus in Denver, Colorado.  The 5 story building is separated into two occupancy categories.  The lower two levels house healthcare care centers including oncology, ambulatory surgery, and an imaging center.  The upper levels contain suites for private physician practice groups, clinics and treatment centers.  Structural Consultants, Inc. provided comprehensive structural design services for the Founders building from conception to final closeout of the facility.

The main structural system for the facility is a composite steel frame that incorporates a steel braced frame system which provides the lateral resisting system for the building.  The exterior wall framing system is constructed with cold formed steel studs which provide support for the exterior masonry veneer.  The building is founded on a drilled pier and grade beam foundation system advanced to the bedrock bearing strata to accommodate moderately swelling soils at the site.

Project Specifics

Location: Denver, CO
Completion: 2005
Square Footage: 129,700 SF
Construction Cost: $9,500,000

Structural Features

  • Composite steel and braced frame structural system
  • 2 story glass enclosed atrium
  • Services