peer_review SCI provides peer reviews for many projects and clients. Our attention to detail, multi-disciplinary coordination and experience with construction methods allows us to provide a thorough independent review of completed or in-progress building designs. We prefer to provide these services early in the design process so that we can assist the design team by providing a timely feedback that can be evaluated and incorporated into the normal design process. We also provide peer reviews on completed projects to identify cost saving items and assist in identifying potential areas of construction difficulties or inconsistencies in the design documents. SCI’s staff has a high level of design and construction experience which allows us to provide feedback on the coordination and compatibility of design in addition to the structural design. Some of the services SCI can provide during the Peer Review include:
  • Structural Design Code Compliance
  • Structural Design Constructability Review
  • Interdisciplinary Dimensional Check
  • Interdisciplinary Coordination Check
  • Alternative Design Options for Cost Reductions
  • Specification Review
  • Review of Undefined Elements (e.g. miscellaneous metals)
  • Compatibility of Structural Design with Performance Specified Items (e.g. exterior stud wall framing)