steel-connection Structural Consultants Incorporated offers enhanced steel connection design and detailing support services. Allow our firm to work with you to gain the following benefits:
  • Outstanding service for competitive fees
  • Coordinated connection design via the 3-D model
  • No more connection clashes
  • We review the connected model before the creation of shop drawings so you can reduce or eliminate re-detailing and scrubbing of shop drawings.
  • Quick and efficient resolutions to technical “issues”
At Structural Consultants Incorporated, we service projects of various sizes and types. No job is too small or too big, too simple or too complex. Here are some of the projects we have completed:
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (heavy loads)
  • Denver Art Museum (complex geometry)
  • Newmont Power Facility (high seismic region)
  • Cerro Verde, Copper Mining Facility (industrial)
  • Hangingstone Oil Shell Extraction (modularized, prefabricated)
  • Tampa, FL. VA Hospital (progressive collapse)
  • BruceJack (industrial/mining)
Our position as an industry expert and fellow EOR enables us to guide project EOR’s in the right direction. We have provided connection design for projects throughout North and South America and Europe. Our worldwide experience and knowledge is a testament to how we can efficiently and confidently handle your project. For enhanced steel connection design, contact us today.