Current Application of Engineering Technology

SCI’s current application of technology utilizes many third party software applications such as ETABS, RAM Analysis, RISA, TSD, Enercalc, TEDDS and others. We have also developed many in-house applications. SCI has developed specialty software for the evaluation of steel connections, steel stair framing and other specialty items that require a customized approach. SCI often customizes these tools on a project by project basis to ensure the correct analysis of any project specific conditions.

The Evolution of BIM Modeling

As SCI looks to the future, we continue to incorporate the newest state of the art techniques in our approach. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the next evolution of the application of technology in the engineering community. SCI has been on the cutting edge of this new and exciting world. SCI believes the future of BIM will include fully detailed intelligent 3-D models incorporating all of the information currently shown in 2-D design documents. This level of information can be used to coordinate the multi-discipline design of a building and also allow the information to be passed downstream to the construction team to increase the interoperability of the design and construction team. SCI has adopted TEKLA Structures and other BIM modeling tools as the basis of our efforts. This advanced software was initially used by SCI on the complex steel connection design of the Denver Art Museum in 2003.  Since 2003 3-D modeling has been further integrated into our workflow via many successful building and steel connection design projects, to the extent that it is used daily for all SCI projects.   19-ACHS Model

Adam City High School

  20a-CPT Core above Door-Model

Interlocken 3-D Model

  20b-CPT Core above Door-Photo

Interlocken Actual Condition